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Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite Review-Depth Review

Welcome back to another review there’s gonna be review like in the same time pros and the cons if you want to check my hands on review of the Xiaomi me 9 lite to the game.

Today I’m gonna just be really straight to the point what are the cons what are the pros spoiler alert this device in my opinion is the best overall mid-range err under $300 ninjas let’s say under $280 let’s say it like that $280 nonetheless the cons what are the cons again spoiler alert.

I couldn’t find some big con some big problem with this device I you know dig dig dig so deep is alike like go to the dark web or something like that it’s impossible to find something bad about this device ninjas what I can say some slightly minor cons like RAM management can still be better and this is like oh there’s basically like mainly with all Xiaomi devices though it’s still really good the only one two applications close after out of 15 open at the same time noise cancellation microphone while using the voice recorder can be optimized better because I can the my quality at the mic loudness is very loud it is the route mic while you recording it.

I can feel a little bit of the noise in the background adjust so this noise cancellation should be I should activate and try to kill those noises in the back more aggressively yeah it’s not so aggressive but normal aggressive migrant aggression yeah anyway no option to swipe lenses while video recording.

I don’t know why they don’t have this option it’s very useful for now we can even if you have an ultra-wide camera you can’t swipe it while using a normal telephoto lens you have you can only record by one time with the ultra wide or just finish with the video and change it to the telephoto and record the regular video stuff like that ninjas maybe a little bit with like kind of an exposure with the front selfie camera and and that’s it I’ve I don’t know II just I don’t have the smartphone doesn’t overheat.

I was really surprised that it doesn’t overheat like regular temperatures under or less than 40 Celsius it wasn’t like 42 or 43 so again I’m really surprised let’s go with the pros the reasons why would you buy the Xiaomi mean I might by the way have to go and move and of course promote a little bit if you want to support my channel shop online with my links ninjas come on I’m doing so many different videos for one single smartphone a lot of a lot of hard work.

I think that you can just you know thank me in that way that you shop online with my links even if somewhere somebody can find it for like five dollars cheaper maybe if you can just buy it over the givers or bangle and support me in that way but still you know that the givers and then would do offer regularly the cheapest and the best deals worldwide with a PayPal method of payment anyway pros price like, I already mentioned the best for sure 100% for sure that and they’re all around $250 it is the best overall mid-range err yeah and we can go up to two hundred eighty dollars stunning design beautiful curved glass on the back just beautiful man and also gorgeous AMOLED panel 6.39 inches Full HD plus with the water drop notch or kind of teardrop.

Whatever they call it Corning Gorilla Glass protection 600 lux brightness sixty thousand with 1 contrast ratio yes AMOLED HD are certified great viewing angles and touch sensitivity works like a charm Snapdragon 710 processor right now this is the best mid-range err mid-range processor under $250 with six weeks of RAM 64 gigs of storage a ufs 2.1 triple cameras ultra white 48 megapixel sensor sony a mix we have ultra wide and forty eight megapixel plus two times optical zoom safely came out with a super high resolution 32 megapixel yes 1080p with a 60 FPS slow-motion time-lapse is included 4013 minim our battery for two days of use with the quick charge support 18 watts check it out ninjas this device has NFC support multifunctional NFC support IR blaster so you can control your TV in your house headphone jack noise cancellation microphone SD card support FM radio support volte 4G LTE with EU bands.

This is a global version in display fingerprint sensor face ID OTG OT a dark mood always on this place so many great features packed in one single smartphone new thing is logo on the back lights up for notifications or while listening to audio track this is the first xiaomi or basically for me the first China of any smartphone that has this feature which is really cool for some of you maybe it’s gonna be a gimmick but we’re gonna test it later on in this video so watch it till the end so let’s just hear the face ID.

Fingerprint sensor in display finger percent of the Xiaomi me 9 light let’s test 8 the face ID, fast really really fast you can also disable this option that as soon as the screen lights up with the face ID will work you can use the option to swipe up then the face ID feature will get unlocked let’s go with the fingerprint sensor now under $250 or around $250 regular price is $280 with the discount coupon it’s around 250 good Goodspeed injustice it is faster than the Shawn me a three it’s done come it’s on pair with the Shona me ninety indeed.

It is indeed faster than the show me me a three thing in displacing happen sense again boom beautiful thank you show me okay just so we’re gonna do the audio review of the show me me nine light akh on in CC 9 so let’s test here the YouTube maximum volume only one single speaker not sterile okay Ninh just show me me 90 which is $30 more expensive does have a better speaker showing me a three which is $50 more cheaper does have a louder speaker.

I see that few comments are saying that somebody reported that the speakers are really bad at the show me mean I might that is not true it’s a false information I don’t know one who is spreading that probably some douchebag or so again I would say that it’s not a pro the speakers of this device are not like a reasons to buy it yes there are plenty of different smartphones which will offer better speakers but again in just it’s not bad it’s not average is just a good level of sound good level of quality good level of loudness I repeat again it’s a pass it’s not a problem with this device I don’t know why some people are complaining with the Xiaomi mean I might I don’t good I get it ma at least my global version global version of Xiaomi me 9 light it’s a pass pass for me.

I’m satisfied I’m satisfied let’s go with the headphone jack now whoa wow that is super strong and adjust for the speakers I’m giving it after comparing with the me 90 basically and show me me a 3 and giving it a score for the speakers but for the loudness 3.5 millimeter output volume is 90 just very strong deep bass clarity everything is really strong with the headphones here and I’m having an budget headphones they are around 30 bucks 35 to 40 rings.

I think something that flex tone very good and I’m really satisfied with a headphone jack not as I am with the speakers but against because our normal headphone output it’s more than normal it’s more than good that’s best can you just also the headphone jack sorry for that FM radio just works fine nice perfect but you can’t let me see see you can’t use it north phone jack you can’t use wireless FM it doesn’t have a wireless FM when you support read me eight a hasn’t which is really interesting man newest devices will have this feature with the xiaomi devices again FM radio is supported 3.5 millimeter headphone jack radio FM you have to love it okay let’s check here the mic quality for the end record something one two one two my mouth is just huge centimeters away right now check check check check the noise cancellation microphone check the noise cancellation insulation feature.

Basically in the back can you hear many different sounds in a pack or just my once thank you my name is muhammad not balan just from one to ten.

I’m giving it a score has passed say another one very strong mic mic loudness the noise cancellation could be a bit better with the future update they should fix the improve this improve this can you just just forget to show you the heating test the temperatures with the Xiaomi me 9 light check it out after half hour of the gameplay on HD graphics we’re gonna check it again such a gorgeous device 34 35 34 36 bro less than 40 this is a really great news this smartphone doesn’t overheat that’s an amazing amazing news and just example something at 660 and 665 devices do overheat they do go around 44 4 oh sorry for that 42 Celsius while showing me 9 lights so far.

I see here 39 was maximum so you just great results and we’re gonna go again quickly here to the battery if you’re interested in the battery there boom and we’re gonna see here also we good now before that I’m gonna just go to the sorry for that sorry for that my bad my bad let’s go quickly open either 64 for the thermals these are thermals grab battery 40 cells so yeah I’m happy honestly.

I’m happy regarding this regarding the CPU heating test here the thermals then I’m gonna quickly go to the settings go to battery consumption go to know that better representation battery usage screen on time check it out pop G 32 again they are not that reliable or not accurate in my opinion check it says here one hour but it inflated for one hour a plate for half hour so pro pro the power battery it is really amazing with the Xiaomi 9 light four thousand six point four inches emulate this place never again 710 that’s best for me just.

What I love about the me 9 light something really new neat feature maybe for some of you gimmick but so on and all on its a LED light log on the back it lights up in the darkness or it’s even right now it’s very visible check it out to the back there is so cool but that is so cool it’s gonna light up for the incoming calls for messages for let me just show you right down here for even game turbo or for the music like you see myself you can even select apps which you’re gonna restrict from taking on post for indication when the screen is off that is so cool check it out beautiful really cool neat feature then again you just this it I mean Xiaomi ladies and gentlemens this foreign beats all smartphones on the market under or around $250 hands-down no big con whatsoever with this one it has it only just it has it all again.

What I can mention the 3.5 minute at 4 Jack volume output is pure 9 very strong good pass good clarity they’re not I can’t praise the speakers that much there is no stereo speakers with it just one single speaker but 95% of the smartphone’s only have one speaker for this price tag ninjas normal honest normal quality some people left like two guys left comment on my section that they were like a little bit skeptical of the speakers and I don’t know why they it may be some huge was making like unbiased unbiased biased biased sorry for that biased a review of this device for me my global version the shaman me and the nine light speakers are good and say pass pass not the best one the market Sharmini 980 does have a better speakers example show me a three the cheaper version does have a louder speaker.

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