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Infinix S5 Mobile Review

Infinix S5 Mobile Review

A new mobile from Infinix , Infinix S5 .. this phone is surrounded by stuffing a lot of specification numbers .. like the 128 space and 6 GB RAM and the quad-back camera and the full screen in which there is a needs really pulling a lot of people .. but do the numbers really have Real? What are the real defects of the mobile?

Every need has something you will know when you read the article, because we are working on a comprehensive review of the new Infinix S5 phone.


Infinix is in the latest Mobilin, which has Infinix Hot 8 and Infinix S4 , walking on a scenario that is not heroic, which is the polycarbonate design that always comes with a distinct new impending pattern.

Here in the Infinix S5, the Infinix operates a sweet design pattern. In the form of diagonal lines in the back, it is like walking along the entire length of the phone, as well as a change in the color degree of the back of the mobile from above to below.

Also, Infinix is ​​a factor that needs like a light transparent layer that is above the back, because your sensitivity means that it is from the glass … but it is of course not from the glass … but the advantage of the transparent layer has that it keeps the back from scratching … but this is not possible because it installs a transparent pouch to come with The mobile phone also covers the slight projection to the rear camera.

The mobile has a light weight of 178 grams, a thickness of 8 milliose, and its hands are very good.


This is supposed to be one of the features of the mobile .. Because the Infinix S5 screen is full 6.6 inches with HD + resolution .. There is no note, and we say, Welcome, with the cheapest screen (perforation for the selfie) Currently .. The experience is sure for many users who were trying to try it, and they are satisfied that it comes in a cheap mobile. Infinix has learned to take the snapshot and draws users to Infinix S5.

But frankly, I don’t like the screen very much .. First of all, the brightness of the screen, which is very clear, is less than any IPS screen, I tried it .. Under the strong sun, it sold out at 12 o’clock.

The viewing angles of the screen are not very sweet .. I mean, if you see the screen from the shed, you will feel dark, and you will not need it.

The pebbles or the edges are very fine except for the lower edge to the top of two large pills.

The screen does not have an official protection layer .. The mobile phone is in the box, with a very weak plastic screen. It is advisable to install or install it temporarily, so you either bring a suitable screen to the hole in the screen.

Finally, the screen is in HD Plus resolution .. I mean, because Infinix has the shape of a hole in the screen, I pulled you a lot of features, brightness, edges, and screen resolution..and it is possible that all the needs are already sparse with an ordinary user, and I don’t understand, I mean, any specifications.

If you want to hide the shape of the hole in the screen, it is prohibited to hide it from the mobile settings, and it appears around a black stripe, and the screen will remain, if it is in the old dimensions.

The screen has a guarantee of 100 days from the date of your purchase of the mobile .. If there is any need and the screen is broken during the 100 days, you will be able to change the screen for free from the agent of Infinix in Pakistan.

As usual, Infinix has the same processor that already exists in mobile phones, it has 1,800 pounds, and both homes have mobile phones with 3,000 pounds, which is the MediaTec P22 .. this processor is purely economical and it is an octa-core 12-nanotechnology … You will not feel any torment in switching between open applications and their number is frankly large.

As for the graphic performance of the Infinix S5 mobile, it operates PUBG on average graphics settings, but many frames will be dropped and you will have to download them to the lowest graphic settings.

And Call of Duty runs on the lowest graphics settings in cool without problems.

And from the other, it is necessary that I understand that the price category of Infinix S5 is the first that it descends in. It has very many competitors who offer a better processor than MediaTek P22 in a lot..and the P22 processor is good in the price category of 2000 pounds, not 3000 pounds!

Safety factors and other elements:

I like it in Infinix, it degrades a large rear fingerprint sensor in order to avoid pure error .. The sensor here is also fast and opens the mobile at an acceptable speed.

Elvis that Lock Burda is fast, it is not useful.

As for the software, the same software used in Infinix Hot 8 and Infinix S4 .. Software is somewhat smooth and has no complications .. Its most important features are that you can control the degree of notification sound to your phone separately from the ringtone sound.

The software is flawed by the lack of the ability to make two copies of social media programs .. And the feature has remained in almost all mobile phones in the price category it has.

As for the sensors, there is no light sensor .. You must adjust the brightness of the screen with your hands .. And you are just like that, so you will have the highest brightness, so it is not very high.

Other sensors, such as gyroscope and convergence, are present and working efficiently.

The mobile does not have a notification bulb, but you can use the screen feature twice to open and display the notifications on your phone.

Voice and Network:

The voice of the Infinix S5 mobile is from one headphone under the north .. The place is silent with the games .. but originally the mobile is not intended for fans of the games .. the sound of the loudspeaker is loud and audible, but the quality of its purchase is not that.

The sound of the headphones is loud and excellent, and the sound of the headphones is good.

As for the mobile network .. it is medium .. It is not the best need in this price category .. And hours, the Internet was separated from me on 4G and I had to turn it on 3G manually .. The problem has been repeated a lot .. but it was not separated by sincere means.


The Infinix S5 Jai mobile phone has a typical 4000mAh Infinix battery, with which I have 7 hours open screen, on a full day of use, which is a very good time.

But it charges in a long time because the old micro charging port and a slow 10 watt charger also charge up to 90% in two hours and another 10%, so they take about an hour but a quarter.


And to the assumed that it has the main point of propaganda for the mobile .. Infinix S5 mobile phone with four cameras in the back .. the main lens 16 mega pixel lens aperture 1.8 and the second lens 5 mega pixel camera do two roles wide-angle photography and macro photography at the same time .. and the second lens 2 mega pixel camera Isolation .. And the last lens to help with artificial intelligence and photography in low light .. Whatever is originally considered not working.

The 32-megapixel selfie is in the 2.0-hole aperture.

The rear camera looks somewhat rusticly … details are somewhat small .. I mean, the amount of detail does not remain available in a mobile phone in the price category, and the portrait is not better, it is cool and needs to be cut, and the HDR is not sweet .. The pictures bite from the sun in a way Strange.

The wide angle lens is good .. I mean, its performance is suitable for the price category, and it looks good and reliable, and macro images are acceptable, but it is not the best.

Selfie photography in general is very acceptable, as long as the lighting is your aide .. But the colors of the images look open from the natural .. But you can accept it as normal.

And filming of videos is very bad in this mobile .. because it is photographed at 1080p without any electronic installation.

Mobile price and package contents:

The official price of the Infinix S5 mobile is 3000 pounds for the large version that is currently 128 GB with 6 GB RAM. It is useful to install a memory card and two SIM cards.

The mobile case contains transparent case, screen protector, earphones and charger, 10 watts, and charging cable.

Final evaluation:

From the other, the Infinix S5 is a mobile phone suitable for light-duty users (not marginal in games and so on) .. Suitable for anyone who wants a light mobile that looks sweet and likes the idea of ​​a full screen that has a hole with the cheapest 128 GB and 6 GB RAM currently, and the selfie is very acceptable.

Unfortunately, Infinix S5 does not offer the best processor, the best screen brightness, the best back camera, nor the best charging speed .. And to many competitors at the same price, they can easily overcome it … like for example Xiaomi Note 8 and the regular Realme 5 .

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